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All sites are hosted in the UK on Windows 2000 servers sporting a minimum configuration of Dual 1GHz Intel Processors and 1 Gigabyte of Ram with massive connectivity to the Internet. Our Windows 2000 servers running Microsoft IIS 5.0 are now the most reliable solution for your website.

Our servers are hosted in dedicated multi-million pound secure UK data centres with 24/7 support, uninterruptible power supplies, Fire Suppression, Climate Control. All sites are backed up on a 24 hour basis.

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Windows 2000 hosting features.  
Sites hosted on high quality servers running Microsoft IIS 5.0 with hardware RAID facilities and mirrored email servers. The servers are configured such that if one server starts to experience heavy loads it is able to share that load between other servers that have capacity to spare and therefore avoiding any slowing down of service.
Unlimited disk space. No limit on how much space your hosting solution uses.
Bandwidth usage not fixed. Click HERE for our Windows 2000 Bandwidth usage policy.
Unlimited Email accounts, Email forwarding, Autoresponders and mailing lists.
ODBC Database support for:
  Microsoft Access
  Microsoft SQL Server
  Microsoft Excel
  Visual FoxPro
Microsoft SQL Server 7, this is the database for business use and is used by such sites as NASDAQ, Ticketmaster and AskJeeves.
Automatic Virus Scanning of Email received by a domain. Incoming messages are checked before they reach your inbox. If a virus is detected then it is held in quarantine on the server and an Email is automatically sent to you informing you that a suspicious Email has been received. You are then able to view the Email while it is in quarantine on the server and decide what to do with it there. The Virus Scanning technology is provided by cafe Dr. Solomon's and is kept up to date. This is an invaluable feature protecting your company from malicious attack not available with most hosting solutions.
Full support for ASP, Perl, CGI, ISAPI, SHTML and IHTML scripting technologies as well as support for Microsoft FrontPage 2000 extensions.
Password protect areas of your website and authenticate users from a text file or any ODBC database. This can be achieved without any scripting and is controlled by the server giving high security and a professional image to visitors.

SSL Secure Server Functionality which allow secure transactions between your website and your customers.
Live Stats. See who visits your sites, where they came from, if they came from a search engine what search phrase they used, how long did they stay on your site and what pages did they visit plus much more. To see an example of Live Stats in action Click HERE.
Windows 2000 Servers afford the best way to integrate Microsoft Office components with your web site. Hold data on a database on the server so your employees can access it, wherever they are. Hold document templates, automatically arrange meetings between employees, share information between Office applications and your team web site. Allow authorised employees to update your site content. A Windows 2000 server and Microsoft Office allows for the true Networking of your business in a way that until recently was only the preserve of large corporations with equally large budgets. This is now within reach of the small to medium business.
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