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Prices start as low as £469 + VAT for Actinic Catalog including the first years hosting on our windows 2000 servers with your own .co.uk or .com Domain Name, Unlimited Web Space, NO Fixed Limit Bandwidth, unlimited POP3 Email addresses and Livestats statistical software already installed. Livestats gives you all the information you need about the visitors to your site.
See our Hosting page for information on just how powerful our servers are, very important if you don't want to loose your customers by making them wait. How often have you walked out of a shop because of the queue's ?

Monroe consultants are suppliers of the leading UK e-commerce software solution Actinic Catalog. As this software is UK based, unlike many competitors software, Actinic Catalog understands our UK and European tax and shipping arrangements. Many e-commerce software solutions are US based, with UK and European specific options poorly tagged on as an after thought.

For the UK Small Business Market, Actinic Catalog has to be the best e-commerce software solution.

We can build you an e-commerce website using Actinic Catalog, add e-commerce to an existing site, or you can easily build your own e-commerce site using Actinic Catalog's Template driven interface hosted on our Windows 2000 servers. With a little knowledge of HTML, Actinic Catalog can be customised to match any website

Actinic e-commerce is available in 2 versions.

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Actinic Developers

Actinic Catalog Actinic Catalog is specifically designed to enable small and medium-sized companies to set up an Internet sales channel.
It is low-cost, secure, easy to use and can be integrated into an existing web design.

Actinic Business provides everything necessary for the small to medium business selling online to other businesses as well as the public, with sophisticated customer accounting and price options.
Its dynamic linking also allows changes made to product information in another application to be automatically published to your online store

Actinic Business
Actinic e-commerce
Actinic e-commerce
What are the extra features of Actinic Business.
  Dynamic linking to external databases and spreadsheets.
  Cusomer specific pricing, discount strucutures and credit restrictions.
  Quantity based discounts.
  Multiple unlimited addresses and buyers per customer.

Visit our Actinic Catalog features list HERE


Should you join the E-Commerce revolution.

  With e-commerce, your shop will be open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Those that are turning to the Internet for their shopping needs will become customers, not lost sales.  

How Monroe Consultants can help your business benefit from going online

At Monroe Consultants we recognise that with thousands of shops joining the e-commerce revolution, simply opening an online store and waiting for customers is not enough . We aim to help your e-commerce solution meet its potential and will promote your site to the Internet community. E-commerce requires a different strategy to traditional methods of marketing. This is where, with our knowledge of the Internet, we can help you to promote your online shop and increase your sales.

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