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An Internet database solution can give your business the advantages that, until only a few years ago, were only available to large corporations with large budgets. Today, the Internet can give your business these advantages, but at a fraction of the cost. E-business is the way companies will trade in the future.

  database hosting A central database on a server, can improve the efficiency and running of your business.  
  e-business examples Consider the following examples:-  

Networking Solutions

For a business which has an office, a warehouse and a couple of depots or shops an e-business solution can give you the power of a dedicated network, but at a fraction of the cost.
Each work place would have access to the same database via the Internet.
If in this instance the database contained your stock, then each would have access to your stock in real time. Items sold would reflect instantly in stock availability.
Keeping customers waiting while phoning around to find an item would be relegated to the past. With an e-business solution you can improve the running and efficiency of your business.


Online Booking

Online booking systems, for example hotel bookings, holidays, conferences etc. are prime candidates for an e-business solution.
Customers can check availability and book online, while staff can use it to check availability and take bookings. This way anyone can check booking availability and know what the position is at that moment. If you operate from different locations each can take bookings for one another, and the database will instantly reflect the booking just made. An e-business solution can improve the running of your business without the expense of a dedicated network.


Trade Sales

Trade sales are being conducted over the Internet at an increasing rate. By not giving your trade customers the facility to buy from you over the Internet you run the risk of loosing those customers to other suppliers who can. An e-business solution can bring your business up to date.

  e-business database All our database and e-business solutions are ODBC compliant. That means that the data can easily be plugged into the vast majority of accounting packages etc.  
  secure server If your data is sensitive then it can be held in a secure environment, only accessible by those who you wish to have access.  
  e-business Holding data on central server allows you to access that data from anywhere. You can check the data out of hours, away from the office/shop if you need to. We can advise on how an e-business solution can improve the way your business operates.  
  e-business benefits If you would like to discuss how your business could benefit from an e-business solution then please contact us. We offer free consultations with no obligation.  
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